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At BIG GINGER, we’re down to earth people. We are passionate sports folk and action sports athletes that share a common vision. We are a bunch of hardcore professionals, but at the core of it, we are a a kick ass sports, health and wellbeing development consultancy company. Things like obnoxious marketing doesn’t resonate with us. Instead, we live and breathe authenticity, honesty, emotion, creativity, joy and great delivery. That doesn’t mean that we won’t screw up, but rest assured that we pour our passion into making you, our customers, happy. We hope that the fun, passion, adrenaline and flow we experience when we go sporting transpires through our business. In the end, this is what we all are built upon in sport, and this is what all of us feed on day in and day out.

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biggingerYeah we may be rooted in awesome ‘BOHO’ Brighton

but heck do we love to travel for an adventure

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