BAKER ACADEMY demonstrated a successful first summer season in watersports. Running a small independent site as a family enterprise on the waterfront in the South East, UK. Albeit having had a fantastic first summer season in business the Academy had no identity within its community and its strong brand of ‘The BAKER Brothers’ and their windsurfing accolade.

Client Portfolio & Brief : Implementing a dedicated sports development officer to realign the companies 2015 focus and robust directive. Working with the in-house team with aims at promoting the robust development of sport and recreational activities with specific emphasis on links between young people in all three areas of its sport. Windsurf, Kite and Paddleboard. The centre was set to no longer run as a footfall day centre within its setting. It was given strategy, targets and built a 2015 season based upon well thought out community led programmes in Worthing, West Sussex.

The academies aims for 2015 were to see to promote quality opportunities for the local community to enjoy sport provision at a level determined only by each individuals interest and ability. Being fully inclusive and fully accessible to all yet alongside it creating a real brand value of identity of community and accessibility at grassroots level.


Our consultant redeveloped the companies vision for 2015 and realigned their ‘visual’ self promotion to this mission statement and objective. By punching out a strong redevelopment of their business and direction message.

The company sat on a lot of quality in skill and experience sitting on the brand of the ‘Baker Brothers’. It is here we looked at opportunity for the next generation to continue ‘the love’ of the skill the brothers had acclaimed such personal success for. To be putting that back at the heart of their community, in accessibility and realism to its market.

Baker Academy achieved Sunny Worthings’ New Business Award accreditation in 2015.

‘Testimonial’ – Georginas Long Term Consultancy has given Baker Academy a clear identity and directive of community, we have spent our last season working alongside Georginas directive to network within our immediate environment with some incredible success. Our voice is now community of which we are driven to drive into all our future projects, events and product development.